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Foshan Sunhouse New-tech Materials Co., Limited
Foshan Sunhouse New-tech Materials Co., Limited is a factory which has more than ten years' experience in the production, deep processing and series product research and development of polycarbonate PC board and plexglass, providing professional design and service for customers at home and abroad. Our company was founded in 2000, with 3 production lines of plates, with an average daily output of 15 tons; it also has supporting large-scale thermoforming machine, constant temperature drying equipment, bending machine, CNC precision engraving machine, sawing machine, edge milling machine and other professional processing equipment. 
About US
 Corporate culture:
Mission: to provide customers with high-quality and guaranteed plastic technology integration servicesEnterprise vision: to be precise and strong, to be the topValues: quality first, sincere and pragmatic
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